• Enterprise- Ready ELK as a Service

    Deploy in just 2 minutes an easy-to-use, secure, cloud hosted and managed ELK stack, without having to worry about maintenance and capacity issues. Focus on your business and pay as you grow.

  • Deep view into your systems, services and apps.

    With Logstail.com 3rd party integrations and advanced log analytics features, you get instant view into your metrics and events across your full stack devops environment.

  • Infrastructure - wide Dashboards

    Aggregate all your metrics and events from all your apps, hosts and services. Create mixed Dashboards in seconds and view all your logs from all different sources.

Logstail.com serves customers in 17 countries worldwide!

  • Business performance monitoring

    Manage your user accounts - Check your Daily Log Capacity - Monitor your business weekly performance and more, via a simple and user friendly dashboard.

  • Live Tail -f

    Logstail.com brings the command-line experience to you and offers a user friendly and powerful Live Tail -f UI that allows you to monitor all data that is being sent to Logstail.com, in a consolidated, real-time way. Advanced search filtering will help you focus on what matters most to you.
  • 2 minutes setup

    WIth 2 minutes setup and a lot of ready-to-go Dashboards and Visualisations, Logstail.com makes getting up and starting extremely easy. No Credit Cards required, no need for proprietary agents. Explore our Pro Plan for free for 14 days.

Explore Logstail advanced Analytics features. Deploy your free, secure and scalable ELK stack in less than 5 min. No credit cards required, no need for proprietary agents.


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