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Healthcare Data and Systems Are at Risk

Healthcare organizations are very critical infrastructures and always an attractive target for cybercriminals, due to the financial, patient and other sensitive health data they maintain. Attackers use any known or less known techniques in order to gain access to hospitals systems and other healthcare infrastructures.
Malwares, ransomwares and phising attacks cause very often data breaches while the absence of cyber defense processes and tools leaves patients exposed to cyber threats. By integrating actionable threat intelligence and data techniques into cyber defense tools and processes, our cyber security experts are able to secure your environments as quickly as possible and establish a high security level through attack early detection and prevention.

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Healthcare Dashboard

In the healthcare dashboard we monitor the detailed picture of the state of the medical equipment and applications of the medical center.

Medical Devices Health

One of the most important capabilities of the company’s software is that it combines security incidents with the monitoring of the overall performance of the medical center’s systems and equipment. By continuously monitoring of the status of all medical devices in the medical center, with the use of artificial intelligence, such as CPU usage, RAM memory usage, percentage of available space DISC usage, ensures immediate alerts in the event of a technical problem, which is not a security incident but may have negative effects on the proper functioning of the medical center.

Medical Applications and Portals Availability

Initially, observes the availability of medical applications (e.g. patient portal, clinic website) in order to ensure that all services will be available to the clients and staff of the medical center and there will be no chance of the service going down without our knowledge.

Medical Devices Alerts

In parallel, monitors the security level of medical devices by looking at the number of security alerts that exist and their criticality.

Compliance monitoring

Moving on, monitors the clinic’s compliance level according to personal data protection regulations such as HIPAA applied in the US and GDPR applied in Europe.

Medical Database leaks

Additionally, constantly checks on the security level of the medical databases by monitoring the connections made to it and the actions performed. Thus we ensure that no arbitrary action is taken either by an employee of the medical center or by an external malicious user with the aim of modifying or intercepting sensitive data.

Medical Ransomware Attacks

As you might already know, some of the biggest and most common attacks in the healthcare sector is either a ransomware attack in order to lock down the medical center’s records and prevent access to them until a ransom is paid, or an attack by internal malicious user who is trying to gain access to medical data without authorization or to steal some information. That’s why constantly checks, who has access to the medical center’s records and what actions they performed on them.

Internet Threats and Vulnerabilities

Finally, provides user with the detailed image of the users of the medical center on the internet (e.g. detecting the attempt of a user to connect to a malicious website), as well as the incoming and outgoing connections to and from the medical equipment so that we can diagnose a possible connection of unauthorized users to the equipment of the center such as the incident with a medical center in USA where hackers gained access to CT scanner control devices in order to dramatically increase radiation levels during the examination, even causing serious problems to the patient’s health.

An attack occurs, now what?

In the event of a successful attack, the platform will send a notification that an attack has been detected and will support the immediate response to the incident in conjunction with actions that may be required by specialized personnel.

Why Logstail? is extremely useful when it comes to protecting the healthcare sector from cyber security threats and here is why:

  • Compliance monitoring: The healthcare industry is subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and GDPR. Logstail platform can monitor the user’s systems and applications for ensuring compliance with these regulations, and generate reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Patient data protection: Logstail can be used to monitor for potential security threats that could compromise patient data, such as unauthorized accessto electronic health records (EHRs). By analyzing log data from various systems and applications, Logstail can help you detect and respond to potential data breaches more effectively.
  • Threat detection and response: Logstail can be used to monitor for potential security threats by analyzing log data in real-time, Logstail can help users detect and respond to these threats before they escalate.
  • Operation monitoring: Logstail can provide insights into the user’s IT infrastracture and operations, helping troubleshoot issues and optimize the systems and applications. This can help improve efficiency and reduce downtime, which can be particularly important in healthcare where downtime can impact patient care.
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