Securing Hotels

Hotels are very attractive to hackers due to the huge databases of credit card data they hold. The attackers use known or 0-day malwares, ransomwares and advanced phishing techniques to gain access to the hotels’ network.
Logstail Expert team will continuously monitor all your assets to eliminate cyber threats before they harm your hotel or your customers.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Hotels process a significant number of payment transactions, and they need to comply with PCI DSS, a set of security standards that protect cardholder data. Logstail helps hotels ensure compliance with these standards by monitoring and protecting cardholder data and detecting potential breaches.


Preventing Ransomware

A ransomware attack could occur suddenly, leaving dozens of guests locked out of their rooms. Your electronic key system would be infiltrated, and your entire hotel would be locked out of its own computer systems, leaving guests stranded in the lobby, full of confusion and panic! There is NO reason to put your hotel in danger! Focus on serving your customers while our high-tech products will cover you from any kind of Ransomware attack.


In the Hospitality Dashboard we continuously monitor the detailed picture, and security posture of the Hospitality devices and applications ensuring operational continuity and avoiding data breaches. 

Hospitality Device Health

One of the key capabilities of Logstail’s software is that it combines security incidents with monitoring the performance of the Hospitality Systems. By continuously monitoring the performance of the systems (CPU/RAM/DISC) with the help of artificial intelligence, Logstail ensures immediate alerts in case of performance bottleneck that may affect the business continuity and lead to financial loss. 

Hotel Website & Services Availability

Hotels rely on websites and applications to serve the clients. Logstail observes the availability of the hotel applications in order to ensure that all the services will be available to the hotel employees and guests and there will be no downtime without the hotel’s operation team getting alerted. 

Hotels also store vast amounts of sensitive guest data, making them attractive targets to cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and gain unauthorized access. 

Guest Database Monitoring

By monitoring the actions and ongoing connections to Hospitality database we can ensure that no arbitrary action is performed either by a hotel employee or an external malicious user. In that way hotels can avoid data breaches like the one that happened in Marriot International which was undetected from 2014 to 2018. 

Hotel Device Security Posture

Additionally, Logstail continuously scans the devices of the hotel, finding vulnerabilities that may cause a security or performance issue, and monitor their security level by collecting and sorting security alerts by their importance. 

Ransomware Attacks

Due to the sensitive nature of the data hotels hold and the potential financial gain, hotels can be targeted by ransomware attacks. A recent example is an Austrian hotel in 2017 which fell victim to a ransomware attack where the entire hotel’s electronic key system was compromised, leaving guests unable to access their rooms. The hotel decided to pay the ransom to regain control of their systems. That’s a reason why Logstail constantly monitors ans checks who has access to the Hospitality files and what actions are performed on them. 

Network Traffic Monitoring

Also, nowadays all the systems and devices are connected to the internet making them vulnerable to attacks. Logstail provides an in-depth view of the incoming and outgoing connections (e.g. detecting the attempt of a user to access a malicious website) so that we can diagnose a possible connection of an unauthorized user to the systems. This way we can avoid incidents like the one in Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants where malware was installed on their payment card processing systems. 

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Finally, Logstail tracks alerts and events which break compliance and regulation rules like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This compliance helps in avoiding penalties and legal issues while demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to guest privacy and security. 

Business is under Attack!

In the event of a successful attack (data breach, ransomware attack), Logstail Platform will instantly alerts the competent staff that an attack has been detected and will support the immediate response to the incident in conjunction with actions that may be required by specialized personnel.

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