Securing Hotels

Hotels are very attractive to hackers due to the huge databases of credit card data they hold. The attackers use known or 0-day malwares, ransomwares and advanced phishing techniques to gain access to the hotels’ network.
Logstail Expert team will continuously monitor all your assets to eliminate cyber threats before they harm your hotel or your customers.

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GDPR Compliance

When it comes to data security, the hotel industry is quite vulnerable to data breaches, due to the high volume of processed personal and credit card information on a daily basis. Logstail GDPR team will help you comply with the regulation, while our platform will continuously monitor your hotel ensuring that you stay in compliance.


Preventing Ransomware

A ransomware attack could occur suddenly, leaving dozens of guests locked out of their rooms. Your electronic key system would be infiltrated, and your entire hotel would be locked out of its own computer systems, leaving guests stranded in the lobby, full of confusion and panic! There is NO reason to put your hotel in danger! Focus on serving your customers while our high-tech products will cover you from any kind of Ransomware attack.