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Consolidate your apps, your logs, your alerts, your reports in an All-in-One platform.

Main Features

From pre-built dashboards to advanced alerting rules and Machine-Learning powered insights, Logstail provides you everything you need to earlier detect and faster respond to incidents.

Enterprise – Ready Logstail Stack as a Service

Deploy in less than 5 minutes an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-hosted, and fully-managed Logstail stack with lots of custom features, without having to worry about maintenance and capacity issues. Focus on your business and pay as you grow.

Deep view into your systems, services and apps.

With Logstail 3rd party integrations and advanced log analytics features, you get an instant view into your events across your full Dev(Sec)Ops environment.

Prebuilt Apps

Aggregate all your metrics and events from all your apps, hosts and services. Create meaningful Dashboards in seconds or just use the pre-built ones and consolidate all your logs from all different sources.

Logstail serves customers in 17 countries worldwide!

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Business performance monitoring

Manage your user accounts – Check your Daily Log Capacity – Monitor your business weekly performance and more, via a simple and user friendly dashboard.

Insights based on ML/AI

Machine learning and automation is something every organization needs nowadays. We offer the Insights feature to provide granular insights from high-volume log streams by identifying and isolating anomalies from IP addresses or hostnames. You can save time and resources by identifying the problem in less time and mitigating it before it gets a real issue for your infrastructure.

5 minutes setup

With 5 minutes setup and a lot of ready-to-go Dashboards and Visualisations (Apps), Logstail makes getting up and starting extremely easy. No Credit Cards required, no need for proprietary agents. Explore our Pro Plan for free for 14 days.

Explore Logstail advanced Analytics features. Deploy your free, secure and scalable Logstail stack in less than 5 min. No credit cards required, no need for proprietary agents.

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