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e-Commerce Store Reliability and Improved Customer Experience

Improve overall performance and health of e-Commerce store infrastructure, retail applications, digital services, and supporting hardware to deliver the best customer experience.
By continuously monitoring the status of all interconnected IT systems in the store center, with the use of artificial intelligence, such as CPU usage, RAM memory usage, percentage of available space DISC usage, Logstail ensures immediate alerts in the event of a technical problem, which is not a security incident but may have negative effects on the proper functioning of the store or its equipment.

Monitor mission-critical applications, websites, and portals availability

Logstail monitors the availability of all applications (e.g. internal portals, store website) in order to ensure that all services will be available to the clients and staff of the e-commerce center.

Protect Customer and Business Data

Logstail monitors also the security level of all interconnected systems by analyzing in record time the generated alerts, delivering fully automated reports to the relevant teams.

Compliance monitoring

Further ensuring the protection of customer’s data Logstail monitors the store’s compliance level according to personal data protection regulations (GDPR) alongside with the health of every transaction according to PCI-DSS requirements.

Improved Customer and Sales team experience

By continuously analyzing all Mission critical databases, Logstail ensures that the Customers have the latest product information available, while the internal Sales teams can decide on accurate and secured transactions data.

Deep-diving into Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

To further provide the required cyber security posture overview Logstail provides the relevant teams with all the required traffic details (e.g. detecting the attempt of a legitimate user to connect to a malicious website), as well as the incoming and outgoing connections to and from the store equipment so that the teams can diagnose a possible connection of unauthorized users to the equipment of the center that may be a sign of a compromised network.

An attack occurs, now what?

In the event of a successful attack, the platform will send a notification that an attack has been detected and will support the immediate response to the incident in conjunction with actions that may be required by specialized personnel.

Why Logstail? is extremely useful when it comes to protecting the retail sector from cyber security threats and here is why:

  • Compliance monitoring: The retail industry is subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements, such as GDPR and PCI-DSS. Logstail platform can monitor all interconnected systems and applications for ensuring compliance with the above regulations, and generate reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Customer data protection: Logstail monitors potential security threats that could compromise customer data, harming the reputation of the retail center.
  • Threat detection and response: Logstail can be used to monitor for potential security threats by analyzing log data in real-time, Logstail can help teams detect and respond to these threats before they escalate.
  • Operations monitoring: Logstail can provide insights into the Organisation’s IT infrastructure and operations. This improves efficiency and reduces downtime, which can be particularly important in retail stores where downtime can heavily impact their reputation.
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