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  • Collect metrics using Logstail Metrics Collector

Explore your Systems

  • Spot unusual activities that might be threats.

  • Catch hidden, ongoing attacks.

  • Find and fix potential security risks due to device issues.

  • Keep systems running smoothly to avoid security gaps.

Improve Performane

  • Know what normal looks like to spot when something’s off.

  • Look at data over time to spot trends and foresee threats.

  • Find and fix overused or underused security resources.

Rule Based Alerting

  • Create Custom Alerting Rules

  • Get the Alerts to Email or to a Custom Platform

  • Quick awareness of performance issues.

  • Constant watch on the security environment, nothing slips through unnoticed!

AI/ML Anomaly Detection

  • Create Custom Anomaly Detectors

  • Integrate with Alerting feature.

  • Continuously learns from normal behaviour, refining the detection of future anomalies.

  • Identifies unusual behaviour early, often before specific threats are recognized.

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