Cyber Incident Response

Are you experiencing a cyber-related incident? Have you faced a data breach or a ransomware that has locked your valuable data? These types of incidents require careful processes in order to get back in business as fast as possible with minimal impact.

Reactive or Proactive Incident Response? Your company wants to be on the proactive side to quickly identify security challenges before its too late.

A professional approach will enable you to acquire the evidence you need in order to realize who or what caused the incident. With the response time will be minimized and more importantly we will contain and remediate known and unknown threats – including zero-day payloads.

Our Machine Learning Algorithm (AI/ML) is able to detect anomalies in systems behavior, help analysts to point immediately to the issue and quickly identify it.

Automation is the key term to face the numerous security challenges of the complex environment today. Native or hybrid cloud approaches increase the complexity and the attack surface today.

Our structured Incident Response approach leaves no gaps and offers a complete solution to remediate the problem. We will ensure that the problem will not distract you again.

Prevention is always better. After remediating the incident and restoring operations we will improve your security posture to help you prevent similar attacks in the future.

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