SIEM is the combination of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). This tool provides analysts with the capability of monitoring and recording security data, in order to perform the necessary compliance audits on the company’s systems. 

For example, it helps businesses and organizations to discover possible weak points, performance and security issues in their systems and applications and possible threats or vulnerabilities that could lead the business to face big problems. Artificial Intelligence offers automation for many of the threat detection processes. Consequently it ensures more security and greater reliability to the business.

For this reason, it is necessary to have an agile and effective SIEM tool. The conditions to achieve this are speed, flexibility and efficiency. 

Via a capable Siem tool, it is easy for companies and organizations to manage the security of their IT infrastructure by filtering massive amounts of security data, coming from any source or location, and prioritizing the security alerts that the software generates.

SIEM software enables actually organizations to detect incidents and threats that may otherwise go undetected.


For IT systems in general, it is necessary to meet the speed criterion, which is one of the most important criteria in the . The SIEM system must be fast to be alert to any problem that may arise or potential threat. Also, with a faster SIEM, various tasks in the business can be done faster. It is critical for a SIEM to shorten the time it takes to identify threats significantly, minimizing the damage and the consequences of those threats;


Flexibility is another very important feature that a SIEM system must include for it to provide better functionality. By providing flexibility, better collaboration and communication is achieved between the systems within the enterprise in order to make business processes simpler, easier, and less time and resource consuming. 


Efficiency is just as important as the other two criteria when it comes to proper functioning of a SIEM tool. With correct utilization of the above characteristics, efficiency is achieved in the company’s system processes, saving time and money. Furthermore, another result is the increase of customer satisfaction from the above advantages. SIEM tools should be capable of offering  a holistic overview of an organization’s information security environment, providing also that way efficiency to the organization.


Installing and utilizing a SIEM tool is one of the most effective ways to prevent security and performance incidents, detecting threats and vulnerabilities in real time and helping organizations comply with different type of regulations. with the advanced SIEM offers help you to have full control regarding the security of your systems to prevent a threat or improve a weak point. Now, you don’t have to be an engineer to set up and use a log management and security analytics tool. Now you can turn your data into useful information easily and without many processes. You can increase the performance of your infrastructure or get notified of problems that may arise and take the appropriate actions. Sign-up for a free demo in order to realize Logstail’s capabilities. 

SIEMs correlate security data feeds, enabling them into easily and better detecting serious security issues in time to fastly respond.

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