Remote work is becoming more common every year, especially after the pandemic, which forced organizations to digitize their activities. This working program has many benefits, but it also presents some challenges. A very effective way to face these challenges is system monitoring.

Challenges and how Monitoring helps facing them

Every proper remote working environment requires a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel, which can be used to access a company’s servers securely. The problem is that when a lot of individuals use a VPN at the same time, its performance may decrease. A remote monitoring system can be used to identify devices using excessive bandwidth. This way it can help you optimize network traffic so that you can avoid network slowdowns and maximize the employees’ performance.

Staying on the subject of performance, under normal circumstances, when a system has performance issues, usually the IT teams will be the ones to take care of it. In a remote working environment, though, this is more difficult to achieve. The IT could have communication problems or they may find it difficult to fix software issues, since most systems were not built with remote working in mind. Monitoring these systems allows you to understand any problems yourself and help you remove potential friction points.

When all of a company’s systems use the VPN, possibly some performance issues will appear. A good option would be to monitor these systems and identify the high-bandwidth services and websites. This way, you can whitelist trusted high-bandwidth systems and not use the VPN in these occasions. An example of this is the MS Teams video calls.

Monitoring cannot only mitigate performance problems and bottlenecks, but cyber security threats as well. Adoption of remote working has led to the cloud migration of many organizations. This means that these companies have started looking for cloud solutions, such as IaaS and SaaS. Despite their benefits, these solutions have a main drawback, the reduction of the level of control and flexibility. Cloud systems are more susceptible to security breaches, even when it is not the company’s fault, but their cloud providers. Monitoring these systems gives you full visibility of who accesses them, when and what activities they perform.


Remote working is growing rapidly as a working model and it will keep growing even more the following years. For this model to be effective, monitoring tools are vital. Using them can help you mitigate performance issues and security breaches in order to maximize employees’ performance.

Logstail provides a complete log management solution which is necessary for every organization and brings this functionality to your hands. Now you can convert your data into actionable insights with just some tweaks and prevent performance and security issues. You can maximize the performance of your infrastructure or be notified of potential problems to take the appropriate actions.

In Logstail we are also offering the full range of services required to effectively mitigate cyber-attacks. Incident response and consulting, penetration testing and red team operations are aiming to help our customers reduce their cyber incidents. Sign-up for a free demo to realize the power of Logstail!

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