As the years go by, technology continues to evolve and produce multiple new solutions for its users. It has become an inseparable part of people’s lives, but also businesses’, who constantly re-think the ways they operate, in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and fulfill their clients’ needs. But how does Digital Transformation affect enterprises nowadays?

What is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become one of the most popular terms today. It is defined as the adoption of digital technology to transform businesses through replacing manual processes with digital processes, or replacing older digital technologies with newer ones. There are plenty of examples of digitalization, such as selling and buying online, transitioning from movie rental stores to streaming platforms and, the most common example these days, remote work. In short, Digital Transformation is the organizational change of a business through technology, which eventually leads to an increase in data generation.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

To be considered a successful business, it’s a necessity to have some digital aspects in your activities. That’s because of the significant benefits that come with them.

Firstly, going digital costs a lot less than maintaining old practices, both moneywise and timewise, as it boosts your efficiency. Don’t forget that lowering your costs helps you massively in maximizing your profit. Digital Transformation can also be beneficial for productiveness and overall work experience. For example, if you include an easy to use and up to date ERP software to your business, it can make employees more effective by making their tasks simpler and effortless. Another advantage of digitalization, and arguably the most important, is better customer experience. Customers today can buy their favorite products and also check their order status without visiting the local store. This certainly wasn’t always the case. By adopting this method you can keep your customers satisfied, which is one of the pillars to improving or maintaining your competitive advantage.

These are just some of the numerous benefits of Digital Transformation. Although it seems like a monumental way to operate, it’s just one side of the story.

Dangers of Digital Transformation

Like any other business activity, integrating Digital Transformation into your business has its own risks. One of the dangers of digitalization is the inevitable creation of security flaws and weaknesses within your system, which can be utilized for cyber attacks. Some examples of potential cyber attacks include Denial-of-Service attacks, Ransomware and Man-in-the-middle attacks. When companies decide to go digital, their sensitive data regarding employees, customers, products and more, become easily accessible to hackers. If this information got to the wrong hands, not only would it be economically harmful, but also damaging to the company’s reputation and customer trust. That is the reason why the need for effective log management and security analytics of IT systems is constantly growing. Controlling and preventing cloud misconfigurations and security breaches has become one of the fundamentals of viability for businesses.

How can Logstail help your business smoothly go digital?

Logstail offers a broad set of features that help tackle the several malicious actions and keep your data protected while using digital technologies. Our platform provides Centralized Log Management in order to integrate all data into one, easy to use interface that makes log monitoring more straightforward than ever. The user has an abundance of dashboards available, to visualize and better understand the state of their data.

To further audit your logs, you have the ability to generate reports in PNG, PDF and CSV format, on demand or scheduled, with the time range of logs reported being entirely up to you.

A feature that is very important is Anomaly Detection. Anomaly Detection gives information in detail about issues that occur in the log files you have registered. This feature helps you identify and fight anomalies before it’s too late and, in collaboration with Alerting, gives you real time notices and notifications either through the platform or your email, to be vigilant about your data at all times.

And of course, our platform offers a secure environment you can trust. High-level cyber security has always been our main goal and we continue to develop an even more secure product for the purpose of making our clients feel safe and satisfied.


Digital Transformation is definitely the future, but it’s an undoubtedly dangerous field if you don’t invest in securing your data. As businesses continue to adopt digital solutions with the intention of modernizing, so do criminals, who constantly find new ways to commit illegal acts. When it comes to cyber security, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive. offers you an all-in-one Cyber Security and Log Management platform to keep your digitalized business out of danger.

Our cloud-hosted solution with advanced features brings the functionality of centralized monitoring to your hands. Convert your data into actionable insights and maximize the performance of your infrastructure, or be notified of potential problems and take the appropriate actions. Sign-up for a free demo in order to realize the power of Logstail! Logstail will re-adjust the way you monitor your data and will help you get more meaningful insights of your technical logs, via dashboards and powerful graphs, to stay alert for all possible dangers.

In Logstail we are also offering the full range of services required to effectively mitigate cyber-attacks. Incident response and consulting, penetration testing and red team operations are altogether aiming to help our customers mitigate their cyber incidents. Contact us at to get a tailored offer for your business or get a free consultation by our team of globally recognized security experts!

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