Nowadays, social media play a dominant role in people’s lives. Companies have come to rely on them for a large part of their advertising. By using social media, they can communicate easily with their audience and promote their products. It is an extremely useful tool for all companies as it helps to increase their reputation. Even if social media give them the opportunity to become known to the public, there is a plethora of serious risks of cyber-attacks. Instagram and Facebook in particular are easy targets for hackers. In this article, we will analyze some measures that every company should take to ensure its social media defense.  

 A cyber-attack on company’s social media can have damaging consequences to the business, such as creation of unwanted content by cybercriminals. Examples of unwanted content are the publication of some sensitive and confidential information of the company and content that violates its ethics. This results to a serious disrepute for the company. We are going to mention 6 ways to protect the business’ social media in order to mitigate these threats. 

  • Use Strong Passwords

 It is crucial that passwords used on social media are strong enough to make them harder to crack. First of all, each platform should have a different password from the others. So, if a cybercriminal tries to break a password and hack an account, the others will not be compromised as well. A solution to accomplish different passwords is the use of a password manager.  

 In addition, a strong password must consist of at least 8 characters such as numbers, words, lower and upper use letters, and symbols. The password should not include easy words like the name of the brand. Also, it is quite important to change the passwords frequently, for example every few weeks or once a month. 

  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

 Virtual Private Network can offer you safety on the internet and its applications by protecting you from a wide range of threats. Secure transfer of information from the website and VPN is achieved. By using a VPN, you can ensure the security of your company’s social media. It is important that they remain safe as they may contain customers, employees, and  company data. A VPN helps keep your information encrypted in order to protect your organization. 

  • Add two-factor authentication for every account

 Furthermore, with two-factor authentication you can increase the security in your company’s social media. With this method, you will be notified when someone tries to access your account from another location as you will be sent a unique login code to your device. 

  • Be aware of social engineering

 Firstly, social engineering is one of the methods of cyber-attacks and is based on the human factor. Social engineering attacks are constantly on the rise. Every organization must be ready to prevent and face these attacks. The first step is for every employee to learn the ways in which these cybercriminals operate. Thus, the employees should be more careful with social media login codes or at least authorize their use to someone else. 

  • Create a social media policy

 An additional solution to the problem of cyber-attacks in social media is the implementation of a social media policy. This policy contains clear instructions regarding the correct use of social media by employees. It enables them to understand how they should be managed to keep their data confidential. 

  • Monitor your accounts

 It is beneficial for any organization to constantly monitor their social media to be able to prevent any malicious attacks. Monitoring makes it easier to identify any suspicious activity, such as a different post to those the company normally uploads. Moreover, it is important to monitor even those accounts that you do not use on a frequent basis because they are an easier target for cybercriminals. 


 In conclusion, every company must take the appropriate measures to ensure that all its systems and applications are secure. Social media are essential for any businesses that want to advertise their activity in order to grow their brand. Unfortunately, they are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks but there are a lot of ways to mitigate them.

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