The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law referring to data protection and privacy in the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area). It also addresses private data transfer to countries that don’t belong in EU or EEA. The primary purpose of the GDPR is to give individuals control of their private data and simplify the regulatory environment for international business unifying the regulation within the EU.

The GDPR’s provisions and requirements are related to the processing of private data of individuals that belong in the EEA. It applies to every business that processes this type of data.

What policies does the GDPR contain and why is it Important

Some of the policies of the GDPR that every organization must comply with are the following:

  • They must be given consent for the collection and processing of personal data.
  • They must provide clear disclosure about the collection and processing of individuals.
  • They must describe the reasons for processing personal data.
  • They must keep files that will contain detailed information about the procedures related to personal data processing.
  • They must protect personal data by taking security measures internally and when contacting third parties.
  • They must set policies addressing the storage, retention, safekeeping and deletion of personal data that they possess in printed and digital form.
  • They must inform the authorities and interested parties of personal data breach within 72 hours.

It is obvious that personal data is very sensitive and therefore every organization must comply with the GDPR. If they don’t, there will be penalties, such as fines, which can be as much as €20 million or 4% of the company’s annual revenue. Τhe higher of the two is applied.’s Contribution

Logstail contributes by assessing and ensuring an organization’s compliance with the GDPR via its log management and cyber security platform. The platform enables the Organisation to monitor every user related action related to the GDPR on systems, websites or servers.

The platform contains out of the box rules to test the compliance with the most important requirements of the GDPR. If any of these requirements is not met in the systems that are monitored by Logstail platform, the user will be informed through detailed graphs or dashboards as presented below. Some of the most significant requirements that are being monitored include IV_32.2 and IV_37.1.d. The former represents Art. 32 of the GDPR, which addresses the security of processing, while the latter represents Art. 37 of the GDPR, Designation of the data protection officer. The numbers in the requirements’s names indicate the chapter, the article and the section of the GDPR. The users have the choice to manually add more rules if they deem necessary.

GDPR monitoring enables the user to early detect a security breach or any changes to the organization’s systems that lead to the non-compliance with the regulations.

Another feature that Logstail provides the user with, is its alerting system. If something happens that can risk the personal data in possession of an organization, such as a security breach, the user can choose to be notified immediately.


In summary, the GDPR was created because of the need of protection of personal data. Every organization must be compliant with the GDPR not only because this type of data is very sensitive, but also because if a company is not, there can be significant penalties. Monitoring logs that are related to the GDPR is a very efficient way to ensure that your company is compliant with the regulations.

Logstail provides a complete log management solution which is necessary for every organization and brings this functionality to your hands. Now you can convert your data into actionable insights with just some tweaks and prevent performance and security issues. You can maximize the performance of your infrastructure or be notified of potential problems to take the appropriate actions.       

 In Logstail we are also offering the full range of services required to effectively mitigate cyber-attacks. Incident response and consulting, penetration testing and red team operations are altogether aiming to help our customers reduce their cyber incidents. Sign-up for a free demo to realize the power of Logstail!

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