Nowadays, the rapid increase of cloud adoption has led to the constant rise of cyber-attacks. This rise is due to cloud misconfiguration as it has caused 80% of data breaches in 2019. Cloud misconfiguration is one of the severe challenges that companies face because it exposes them to danger of cyber-attacks. There is a plethora of ways to prevent cloud misconfiguration threats. In this article, we will explain what is cloud misconfiguration and mention some ways to avoid it in order to reduce cyber breaches. 

What is Cloud Misconfiguration 

 The transfer of business operations to the cloud is beneficial for companies as it offers them flexibility, speed and scalability. However, every company should be able to protect their cloud security to keep  cyber threats away. In order to achieve this, they should configure their cloud correctly.  

 Cloud misconfiguration is one of the crucial vulnerabilities in a cloud-based environment. This compromises the security of the cloud by causing errors and malfunctions. The majority of organizations may have cloud misconfiguration issues which are still unknown to them. Cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities are completely different from applications or operating system vulnerabilities since they usually appear again after they are fixed.

 Usually, cloud misconfiguration originates from the lack of adequate control, the lack of awareness of cloud policies and security etc. Below we will analyze several measures to protect the cloud from misconfiguration. 

Ways to prevent Cloud Misconfiguration 

Cloud visibility  

 It is crucial for every business to be aware of the full state of their cloud environment. They should be informed about the resources and their connection to each other to avoid cyber-threats. Moreover, establishing visibility provides developers with understanding the changes in the cloud to prevent cloud misconfiguration. 

Cloud monitoring 

 Initially, one of the practices every organization should implement for their security is monitoring their systems. By using a log management platform, companies can monitor their systems to be aware of any changes in the cloud. Monitoring helps them identify the causes of cloud misconfiguration in real-time. Thus, companies are able to find out any anomalies and take the appropriate actions to avoid cybercriminals. 

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

 In addition, companies who want to avoid cloud misconfiguration should lock down their access policies. By using VPN, they could secure their communication in every network. Also, it helps employees stay safe when they do not work in the company’s network. 

Tag cloud resources 

 In order to avoid cloud misconfiguration, it is important to use tags on cloud resources. This way helps businesses to manage better their cloud resources. By using names on resources, it is easier to separate them. On the other hand, if a cloud resource is not tagged, you can tell that it is suspicious.


 In conclusion, cloud misconfiguration is one of the most vital causes of cyber-threats. Misconfigured cloud-based systems cause severe problems in the company’s defense. It is necessary for every organization to understand how important proper cloud configuration is to avoid serious mistakes. 

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