As 2022 draws to a close, looking back we can see an icrease in technology and new chances and threats that this has created. Organizations will start using the cloud more than ever and although this offers many services, it also gives hackers a lot of opportunities as well. Going into 2023, certain trends regarding cyber-security are expected and, in this article, we will address some of them. 

Remote Working Cyber-Security 

  As we mentioned in a previous article, remote work is becoming more common every year. This means that an organization which supports this working model must secure every system and device that is used for this purpose. It is strongly believed that remote working is going to be even more common in 2023. Common threats to a remote working environment include phishing attacks, impersonation scams, and ransomware attacks. 

Attacks on Governments 

  A frequent phenomenon related to cyber-attacks is the attacks on governments by hackers paid by other nations. In what is commonly known as espionage or sabotage, nations attempt to disrupt an unfriendly government’s operations or access national secrets. Due to the high number of countries that will hold elections in 2023, experts expect many such attacks. Along with cyber-attacks, huge waves of disinformation are expected to take place as well. 

The Increased Use of AI in Cyber-Security 

  The increased number of cyber-attacks has made it very difficult for specialists to face or predict all of them. For this purpose, AI and machine learning have been developed. AI algorithms can recognize patterns much more effectively than humans and they can examine great amounts of data. 

  Unfortunately, the rise of AI technology gives hackers the opportunity to use it as well for their malicious purposes. They can use it to identify systems with weak security and create phishing e-mails among other actions. One thing is certain: AI will be used a lot in 2023.  

Increase of Cyber-Security Awareness 

  In recent years, cyber-security awareness has increased. Security matters are not just the IT department’s business anymore. It is very common for a company to teach its employees about cyber-security issues and what threats may face in their work environment.
  This is not to say that all of the personnel will learn some technical skills to avoid cyber-attacks. There are some attacks, though, that you can mitigate just using common sense. Phishing is one of them. A tactic commonly used by threat actors is to trick employees into giving them access to sensitive information. This tactic is called “social engineering” and can be avoided if certain awareness is raised. The same applies to the proper use of credentials and, consequently, we expect an increase of security awareness inside organizations in the following months. 


  Cyber-attacks have risen from the previous year and will continue to rise in the next one as well. There are different attacks that organizations must be aware of, and these include:  

  • Malware: Malicious software (viruses, worms etc.) injected into systems with the intention of causing disruption. 
  • Ransomware: Type of malware that locks systems or steals information, demanding ransoms in order to unlock them or give the information back. 
  • Phishing: Common social engineering tactic, which hackers apply by sending e-mails to employees asking for sensitive information. 
  • Data Poisoning: A hacker injects corrupted data into an AI system. This data skews the results of an AI inquiry, possibly returning false AI results. 


  2023 will be an important year for cyber-security. The technological advance will help both organizations and malicious actors with their purposes. While remote working, increase of cyber-security awareness and AI will benefit companies, hackers will benefit too. Cyber-attacks on the private and the public sector will rise as well, so every organization must prepare this year. 

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