Logging is not an effortless process as it is crucial for the logs to be transformed from raw to actionable ones in order to be used for solving complex problems. Actionable logs give us the ability to understand completely the situation of our system and proceed accordingly. There are many ways through which we can convert logs to actionable ones. In this article, we will analyze some of these ways. 

  • Log’s Standardisation: 

First of all the standardisation of  logs is a particularly important process. The format and structure of every log in an organisation must follow a common standard, to make it easier to analyze them and extract the information needed. In order to make your logs more functional, it is useful to identify their similarities and apply a standard way of analysing them. However, it is difficult sometimes to transform logs into common structures that is why a capable log management platform such as the one offered by Logstail achieves more efficient log analysis regardless of the format of the logs shipped. 

  • Level of logs: 

Another way to make the logs more actionable is to regulate the recording depending on their aim of usage. Some logs should be more detailed, others not. That way the hidden information is extracted more methodically. With the configuration of the log’s level, only the data needed is saved. In that way, access to the logs becomes easier in case of emergency while the search speed is increased. Although the levels of logs are differ from technology to technology, they are usually splitted into major, secondary and debug ones. 

  • Use of Log libraries:

Log libraries offer the chance for carrying data to a log management tool. Also, using log libraries allows the technical teams create facilities of logs straight through the various apps. 

  • Retention of logs: 

The conservation of the logs is another way to make them actionable too. It is extremely important to keep the logs, especially the security ones, for as long as possible. Sometimes they are needed for days, weeks or even months after their storage as hidden anomalies may be identified in future incidence analysis.

  • Keeping logs together

In addition, a crucial step for various logs to become actionable is to gather all of them together in a central spot. This facilitates the analysis and correlation of the information as the relevant teams do not have to look through many different tools used by every vendor but will be able to look into centralised dashboards containing all the information. 


In conclusion, organizations should try to make their logs more valuable and actionable to receive the desired information needed for the analysis of various incidents.

Logstail provides a complete log management solution which is necessary today for every organization and brings the functionality of centralized monitoring to your hands. Now you can convert your data into actionable insights with just some tweaks and prevent performance and security issues. You can maximize the performance of your infrastructure or be notified of potential problems and take the appropriate actions. Sign-up for a free demo to realize the power of Logstail. 


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