Technology in business today plays a dominant role as it is necessary for every organisation to use technological and innovative tools. However, the more companies evolve in the digital area, the more they are exposed to cyber-attacks. Hackers are becoming more and more dangerous and are are applying more complex ways to attack organisations’ systems. For this reason, companies should know the importance of securing their systems by taking the appropriate actions. Usually the majority of company employees do not know how to avoid the dangers and avoid becoming victims of cyberattacks like social engineering. In this article, we are going to analyse the importance of log management and how it helps the employees to protect their working environment.

The importance of log management for employees 

Α Log management platform can monitor your system to find out any anomalies to face them. It is particularly important for an organisation to ensure its defense suite protects files with sensitive information. As we have already analysed in a previous article, monitoring gives you the ability to control and monitor technical, security or business logs, categorize the information of your systems and effectively analyse them. Monitoring also helps the IT teams to optimize their data to its maximum potential and transform them into meaningful ones. 

Unfortunately, the employees of a company, not having the appropriate knowledge, cannot protect themselves from the plethora of threats that can develop in their systems. The most common way in which they fall victims is phishing. With this cyber-attack method, hackers send phishing emails to employees with URL form to trap them and break into the organization. Usually, a phishing email seems interesting and real so the user cannot understand that it is fake and click the link. This results in cybercriminals taking control of their system and being able to change the passwords or stealing severe files. With log management the systems and the employees’ actions such as emails or firewalls are recorded and kept for future investigation while every employee can access useful information that help them understand the risks and become more careful. The collaboration with a log management platform gives employees the appropriate information to detect the threat early. 


In addition, the technical employees quite often face the problem of system outages. That is due to the employee’s negligence or to a software error. The system outage is a problem which needs a solution immediately as it could be time-consuming. It is a severe problem because if a system is down the employees cannot work effectively to achieve their goals. A log management platform gives the opportunity to monitor the status of systems and apps and achieve less downtime. Also, log management tools alert the user when suspicious activity is detected and help them prevent the outage and unavailability of the their working environment. 

The log management helps the employees as it can monitor their work surface. Thus, if a company uses the proper log management tools it can understand unwanted actions such as tampered or missing data and malware practices. This results in the immediate alert to inform the employee, even the less technical ones that something is happening which may require specific actions. 


In conclusion, employees should be more aware of the dangers in cyberspace in case they need to protect themselves while every company has a plethora of confidential data that they should keep safe from cybercriminals. A log management platform is very beneficial for them to work in a safe environment and be more proactive. 

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