Cyber threats are evolving as technology evolves, which will continue for years to come. Also, something that will increase in the future is the use of the private or public cloud. This is because in modern times the majority of companies follow the digital transformation path to become even more effective. 

This development in the technology space has resulted in hackers turning their attention to the cloud, as that is where businesses operate most of their applications. Consequently, this means that companies should configure their cloud, considering all the necessary guidelines for their best security. 

For this reason, this article will outline the points that businesses and organizations should focus on in order to secure their cloud applications.

We design with the worst-case scenario in mind 

An important practice for a successful cloud configuration is to always think of the worst case. That is to include the problems that may arise such as data destruction, software failure or other related problems. In this case, the preparedness will be greater in case any of the above problems arise, so that it is easier to solve them. 

Less correlation between cloud components 

The correlation that cloud components have is important to be as small as possible. An item is very likely to have problems such as failure, non-response or even delay in response. In this case, if there is any of the above issues, only one component will be affected and the rest will continue to work normally. 

Infrastructure automation 

Security automation is very important for cloud innovation as it provides solutions for various issues such as less workforce and lack of desired skills. This means that by automating safety-related processes, errors are being reduced and efficiency is being increased. 

Strong passwords 

Undoubtably, cloud passwords are among the most important points to pay attention to. Weak passwords were the reason for most attacks in the past. That being said,  great attention is necessary when creating passwords. 

Use a strong anti-malware program 

Another thing a company should look out for in their cloud security is to use a strong anti-malware program. The information is being transfer to the cloud which operates on the internet. That means that the possibility of it being hacked is greater. For this reason, it is important to use an alerting program, which Logstail offers. 


According to the above, we conclude that the cloud has a rapid development in the modern era. As a result , it is crucial for businesses to emphasize on it and its security in order to operate more efficiently. with the advanced systems and technologies helps you to have full control of your systems to prevent a threat or improve a weak point. Now, it is not necessary to have engineering knowledge to build and use a log management and security analysis tool. You can turn your data into useful information easily and without many processes. You can increase the performance of your infrastructure or be alerted to potential problems and take appropriate action. Sign up for a free demo to realize Logstail’s capabilities. 

Logstail also offers the services needed to effectively mitigate cyber attacks. Our rapid incident response and advisory, penetration testing and red team operations are specifically designed to help our customers reduce cyber attack incidents. Contact us at to receive a custom quote for your business or get free advice from our team of experienced security experts.


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