Nowadays, more and more companies invest in securing their data and infrastructure. It is necessary for companies and organizations to constantly monitor their data for own safety, as well as the safety or their customers, clients, partners, providers, etc., so that they can  identify and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities easier and faster. Cybercriminals are continuously becoming more sophisticated and constantly discover new ways of attacking, in order to penetrate systems and applications of SMEs and Large organizations, aiming to cause severe damages.

Thus, all organizations should be aware of the current Cyber security trends.

Let’s find out now the top 5 Trends that we have identified, which will have impact in Cybersecurity in the year 2022. 

Log4Shell Vulnerability 

As we have already analyzed in a previous article in our blog, Log4Shell is a significant zero-day vulnerability. So far, this vulnerability has managed to create concerns to a lot of organizations, since it has been characterized as one of the most crucial vulnerabilities of recent years. Its exploitation can cause huge repercussions such as the access to application data and systems that aim at money fraud and data breaches. In 2022 every company and organization should be properly prepared to avoid the Log4Shell catastrophic consequences. 

Ransomware Attacks 

As mentioned in our 2021 top trends blog, ransomware attacks are still a top threat on the cybersecurity trends list, and become increasingly dangerous for the companies and organizations. The rise of remote work is causing a plethora of ransomware attacks as it is an easy target for hackers. Malicious actors are holding the company ‘s data in their hand, having the intention of damage, until ransom is paid (usually ransom is paid in cryptocurrency). 

Phishing Attacks 

Phishing attacks are also constantly increasing, and keep arising. That type of attack has now become one of the most severe and frequent cyber-attacks. We have already analyzed in a previous blog that these attacks prey on their victims by sending malicious URLs, usually via email. Now, the hackers who use this method are more targeted and personalized, since they aim at the victim’s geographical area. It is easier for them to trap their victims and distract from them vital and sensitive information.  


Every organization today needs high-level protection, in order to identify malicious actions, and mitigate attacks. Security-as-a-Service companies help them meet their needs and offer more safety using their systems. The collaboration with these companies aims at the correct information about cybersecurity by specialized teams. Thus, comprehension and resolution of any problems is achieved. 

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy 

A new cybersecurity trend of 2022 is a model called Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. Using this model everyone can easily report vulnerabilities at a low cost. Thus, every user can discover the anomalies and therefore act appropriately to find ways to solve them. Vulnerability Disclosure Policy is also promoted by the European Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). 


As a conclusion, every company should take the appropriate prevention and mitigation actions, in order to secure their systems as much as possible. Malicious actors are becoming more sophisticated in their quest to compromise systems and gain unauthorized access. It is very important to be aware of the new cybersecurity trends to improve their defense, especially when it comes to SMEs and Organizations. 

In Logstail, we are offering the full range of services required to effectively mitigate these types of attacks. Incident response and consulting, penetration testing, and red team operations, are altogether aiming to help our customers mitigate their cyber incidents. 

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