Cybersecurity is a very important issue to all companies and organizations, no matter their size. This occurs because cybersecurity provides protection and safety to all kinds of data from theft, loss and damage. This kind of data might be sensitive data, personal information, economic data, health information, intellectual property data, governmental data and industry information systems. The protection of this kind of data is key priority to all businesses.

Without the appropriate cybersecurity solution for IT systems, companies cannot protect themselves against data breach or money fraud. This is why they become an “easy” target for hackers.

Information embezzlement  is the most expensive, well known and fast developed issue in cybersecurity.  This issue many times comes from the very increasing exposure of personal and identity data to the web using cloud services.

The stealth of identity isn’t the one and only purpose. Hackers might aim to compromise data integrity (delete, add or alter data), bringing untrust to organizations and companies. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays, by changing targets and aims, affecting organizations and their methods of attacking  all kinds of security systems.

Social engineering remains the most known and easy way of attacking, with ransomware, phishing, and spyware being most common.

Why Organisations should care about security issues affecting their business:

  1. Business Protection

    It is very important for all Organisations, no matter the size, to be protected by using the most modern and updated cybersecurity solutions. That way, employees, users and / or customers will have the ability to use IT resources without having to bother about threats and risks.

  2. Personal and Sensitive Information Protection

    The protection and safety of Personal and Sensitive information is one of the most important issues which concerns the most of companies nowadays. If computer systems are attacked and infected, there is a big  possibility for hackers to gain access and purloin personal information and data of employees, partners or customers. Stolen data may be sold, publicised or even used in a malicious manner affecting seriously the business.

  3. Work Environment Safety

    Without the aid of systems security solutions, businesses are constantly exposed to cyber attacks. If computer systems are attacked, they will not be as effective or productive as they used to be, even becoming vulnerable to data breaches.

  4. Prevent Web Services Unavailability

    Many companies nowadays host their own websites in their premises. In case where computer systems and web applications get attacked or hacked, there is a strong possibility that they become completely unavailable. The consequences may affect the company, and have a big economic impact as well as the loss of trust. It usually takes a lot of time and resources in order to make systems and websites available and safe again.

  5. Spyware Prevention

    Spyware is a type of software with malicious behaviour that aims to gather information about a person or organization and send it to another entity in a way that harms the user, by violating privacy for example. A properly secured system has the ability to prevent the spyware from taking effect. That way it ensures that employees’ actions remain private and confidential within the work environment.

  6. Use of Consolidated Solutions

    Modern cybersecurity solutions offer a comprehensive approach to protect against multiple kinds of security issues. Ideally, a company’s cybersecurity strategy should undoubtedly include consolidated solutions combined with a multi vendor approach to prevent vendor locking.

  7. Zero-Day Attacks Detection

    Malicious actors can invest enough time to research and detect vulnerabilities and pain points, even those that are not visible to the Organisation’s security team (e.g. Zero-day attacks). Modern and contemporary security monitoring solutions will bridge this gap by providing a deeper security view of the IT infrastructure allowing the detection and response to the potential security incident using the least of available resources.

  8. CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)

    Businesses need to be protected with the utmost way possible, against all kinds of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring high trust to customers, vendors, partners and employees.


Due to the increasing number of cyber security incidents, it is now more critical than ever to adopt the most appropriate and modern cybersecurity solutions to your business. Cyber attack incidents keep rising with the evolution of technology, and advanced attack techniques keep evolving. Attackers constantly try to find new ways to compromise security systems. Organizations with highly sensitive information must re-evaluate their cybersecurity strategies.

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