Elastic Stack is a great open-source tool. The adoption of companies and organizations is immense with Elastic estimating that it has 15000 customers. In Logstail we have highlighted the features it provides in a number of our blog articles, and how important is for companies to learn and adopt the functionalities it brings. Especially today, we witness a transformation from the old monolithic architecture to the new microservices reality. This is where companies should consider even more utilizing Elastic Stack, and adopt a cloud-based solution like Logstail. Let’s see why now is the best time to use Elastic Stack for the log management of your infrastructure!

The new microservices reality

The benefits of moving from a monolithic to a relatively new microservices architecture in terms of scalability are countless. The cost associated with the new architecture is smaller, but the obstacle is the learning curve. To enjoy the flexibility and the fast deployments of a microservice, you must have the expertise in your team to make the change. Testing and monitoring is a must to make sure that your deployment is functioning as intended.

But logging in the monolithic app was simpler because all of the log data could be found on the system that made up the app. In a microservices architecture, things are different because all application services are logging data on their instances. A log management tool is a necessity to help you collect and store log data from these services. Only by this approach, you can feel the value of your log files because you can search and analyze the data you need when you need it. Here comes the Elastic Stack with its advanced features to help adapt your company or organization to the new era.

Where does Elastic Stack fit?

You need a log management platform. It has become a necessity. Now let’s discuss why Elastic Stack is definitely a choice to consider when you begin your comparative analysis of the logging solution you are going to propose to your management team.  The most important factor when making a choice is always the cost. Direct or indirect. Of course, we will focus on Elastic Stack and we will try to convince you that a cloud-based solution is even better for most of the cases. But first of all, let’s start with the main reasons why ELK has a competitive advantage.

The Elastic Stack consists of four components, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and the Beats family. Also, it is interoperable meaning that you can combine it with many other tools and the stack will work with them to produce the desired results. Two very useful examples are the use of Fluentd for logging data instead of the default Logstash or Beats or the use of Grafana for visualizations and dashboards instead of Kibana.

Elastic Stack is an open-source project with the benefits that it brings. You have the freedom to deploy it, to test it, and decide how to implement it. Of course, Elastic Stack is relatively complex and demands a learning curve but the time you’ll spend to get comfortable with Elastic will soon pay off for your company or organization.

The main reason is that Elastic Stack is offered as a cloud-based service. We have already highlighted the benefits of this solution for you and your company. Logstail is an excellent example of a complete Log Management cloud service.


In conclusion, the new era of microservices is demanding and you definitely need a complete log management solution to pair it with the DevSecOps approach which we have already discussed. These two together will give to your organization the cutting edge technologies of today. But don’t forget that running your own Elastic Stack is costly and resource-consuming compared to a cloud-hosted Elastic solution like Logstail. Logstail with its advanced features brings the functionality of centralized monitoring to your hands. Now you can convert your data into actionable insights with just some tweaks. You can maximize the performance of your infrastructure or be notified of potential problems and take the appropriate actions. Sign-up for a free demo in order to realize the power of Logstail.

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