2020 was not an easy year. Each and every one of us tried to adapt to new situations and challenges. Looking back in 2020, in Logstail we are proud of the progress we made concerning value to our customers. Our platform has become more mature, new features are added according to our customers’ needs and this is giving us the willingness to try and add additional functionalities for the digital transformation which is coming.

We are optimistic that the new year will give us some of the nice things we missed. At the beginning of 2021, it is a good opportunity to highlight some of the features we added which bring our platform to a whole new level and set high targets for the things to come. Let’s begin…

We launched our new platform!

We’ve just released the 2021 version of Logstail platform which includes a ton of features! New User Interface with improved functionality, Insights (Machine Learning), Reporting, Email Alerting, Extended team collaboration, and Improved Security are only some of the new features of our platform. You can read more about the features of the new platform in our blog article. If you haven’t tried it, then go ahead and sign up!


New User Interface


Logstail now offers a completely new user interface with added functionalities. Our fresh UI incorporates a handful of features to help you and your team for even more effective log management. The response is snappier, the graphical user interface is modern and you get all the information you need at a glance of an eye!  Also, you can track the data usage of Logstail very easily in a comprehensive dashboard immediately when you log in to the platform!


Insights (Machine Learning)


Machine learning and automation is something every organization needs nowadays. The vast amount of data produced and the need for automation are making the employment of Machine Learning techniques a necessity. We now offer the Insights feature to provide granular insights from high-volume log streams by identifying and isolating anomalies from IP addresses or hostnames. You can save time and resources by identifying the problem in less time and mitigating it before it gets a real issue for your infrastructure. More info here


Email Alerting

Our alerting mechanism was already very useful for teams, enabling them to monitor their data and send alert notifications automatically to initiate actions. From now on we offer one additional option, the possibility to be alerted by email. By adding this option along with Slack and Webhook which are already in place, you now have a wide range of choices to utilize the alerting mechanism! Read more here




Reporting is an essential element of any professional monitoring or log management tool. The reason is that the produced reports from our platform can provide a clear picture to the engineers or the administration about the reliability posture of the company. We significantly enhanced our reporting feature and now we can offer new choices like the ability to create PNG, PDF, and CSV reports. You can find more about reporting here!




Logstail Notebooks is one more feature that facilitates the reporting capabilities. Notebooks enable contextual use of data with detailed explanations by allowing a user to combine saved visualizations, text, graphs and decorate data in Elastic with other reference data sources. 


Extended team collaboration

Log management and infrastructure monitoring is a team game.  The need for team collaboration was a customer-requested feature. Infrastructure monitoring and cybersecurity, require teamwork to quickly resolve issues. That’s why we have focused on adding additional features and apart from the existing alerting choices, now you can invite another user to join your working environment!


New collection of Apps (Prebuilt Dashboards)

If you don’t remember what a dashboard is, you can refer to our detailed article in our blog. Dashboards are extremely useful to get an overview of all logs being shipped to the platform and correlations among them. Based on our customers’ needs, we created new useful Apps, and then we offer them to all other users of the platform!


Full in-transit traffic encryption option for all Mikrotik logs (optionally)

For our MikroTik users, who have shown incredible trust in our platform, we are now offering probably the most requested functionality: Encrypted traffic between MikroTik devices and Logstail platform! You don’t have to worry about Man-in-the-Middle attacks and eavesdropping anymore! Your data will be securely traveling from your end to our platform! You can read more details here!


We are now offering 22 services to be logged into the platform!

At the beginning of 2020 Logstail platform supported nineteen services, which was a result of continuous hard work. In 2021 we added two more services to the platform, like the WordPress Logs which was a demand from our customers!


And last but not least… security

Security for Logstail is at the heart of our mentality. Implementing a new version, we couldn’t make but the best of our efforts to implement a more secure environment. That’s why a comprehensive set of security features now is here to help you keep your data secure and stay compliant with GDPR, PCI, and ISO! Encryption in-transit and at-rest, Authentication, Role-Based Access Control, Audit Logging are all carefully implemented to promote the security posture of your company! Details can be found here!



As you can see 2020 was full of hard work and accomplishments. Our team keeps growing so that we will be able to meet the requirements of our customers. Log management and observability services are becoming more and more important and necessary for organizations. Responding to this demand, we managed to enhance our platform and add many new features. In the next series of blog articles, we will describe in detail all these features!

We already know that 2021 will be a year of new challenges and we are preparing to face them! In Logstail we are determined in continuous progress in order to give value to our customers’ data.

New things are coming up this year and we are really looking forward! Keep in touch!

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