Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that has grown rapidly in recent years. A new type of Ransomware that has emerged and has proven to be particularly dangerous is Onyx. It is based on another Ransomware called Conti and written in a .NET programming language.  It was first noticed in April 2022 and as of September 2022, 7 victims have been attacked by this type of Ransomware. 

How cyber criminals carry out their attacks

  First, when a cybercriminal attacks a company’s network and gains access to it, they rename files and encrypt them. Usually, Onyx Ransomware encrypts the data. Nonetheless, in case files are over 200 megabytes in size, it deletes them and replaces them with other random files. After that, hackers leave a ransom note through Onyx, just like with other Ransomware variants. 

These notes usually state instructions or some amount of money that companies have to pay to get their data back. Also in this note, it is usually stated that if someone in the company tries to recover the data in another way, the hackers will destroy it. If they don’t follow their instructions or pay, then they will publish the data.

Ways to protect yourself from Onyx Ransomware

Most of the time it is quite difficult for a company to recover their data on their own. This, combined with the fact that many times even if companies pay the ransom, they don’t get their data back, means it’s essential to have backups.

   Regarding the prevention of this threat, businesses should take some necessary measures. First, they should not download files or software from unauthorized sources, use official sites and direct links and keep all their operating systems up to date. 

   Also, something else that is necessary for a business is to have a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM), which Logstail can also offer. A SIEM system helps businesses discover any weak points, security-related issues, and other vulnerabilities. 


    In conclusion, Onyx Ransomware is a particularly dangerous threat, as it is very likely that in the coming years , they will increase. This makes it necessary for businesses to take appropriate measures so that they are more protected. with the advanced systems and technologies helps you to have full control regarding the security of your systems to prevent a threat or improve a weak point. Now, it is not necessary to have engineering knowledge to build and use a log management and security analysis tool. You can turn your data into useful information easily and without many processes. You can increase the performance of your infrastructure or be alerted to potential problems and take appropriate action. Sign up for a free demo to realize Logstail’s capabilities.      

Logstail also offers the services needed to effectively mitigate cyber-attacks. Our rapid incident response and advisory, penetration testing and red team operations are specifically designed to help our customers reduce cyber-attack incidents. Contact us at to receive a custom quote for your business or get free advice from our team of experienced security experts.

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