During 2019 Logstail team has made substantial progress to the services provided. Now that the new year has just started, it is a good opportunity to recap the key features enabled and get perspective on upcoming 2020 features from Logstail.com. In Logstail team we are dedicated to deliver useful features to our clients together with ease of use and scalability. Let’s begin…

19 new services were integrated into the platform!

Back at the beginning of 2019 Logstail platform supported only Mikrotik Logs but in a few months (and a lot of hard work!) Logstail team managed to fully integrate nineteen (19) new services into the platform. In the upcoming months, we will integrate more services to allow DevOps teams to centralize all logs into one platform.

New User Interface

Just before the end of 2019, we launched a completely new user interface to support numerous new features like alerting and optional light and dark theme. The new interface is simple to use and gives a high overview of the most important user parameters of the service (Current log retention, daily data usage, plan expiration, weekly log chart sent)!


New alerting feature

Alerting is an extremely important feature when it comes to critical logs monitoring. Logstail integrated alerting features give users the power to identify near-real-time changes in the data. Logstail team already integrated advanced security alerting mechanisms in order to provide you in-depth view, security awareness, security compliance or enhanced productivity.  Now you have the ability to immediately realize performance-related or other issues and take the appropriate measures to mitigate the problem. 


Dark or light theme option

Dark theme is very popular not only because of the power saving for mobile devices but also for the people that like the low light working environment. Listening to our customers, we enabled the Dark Theme feature to further enhance the ease of use and protect the eyes of the people who spend a lot of hours in front of the screen! Logstail.com users can very easily change between light or dark themes.

One-click dashboards and graphs installation

Logstail’s kibana dashboards combine multiple visualizations into a single page giving the user an overview of the services being monitored. Dashboards are extremely useful to get an overview of all logs being shipped to the platform and correlations among them. During 2019 we managed to create ready to go dashboards (Apps2Go) for the services we have integrated in order to make the visibility experience even more helpful and useful for our customers!


Almost all traffic to the platform now goes encrypted!

Encryption is considered the best implementation of security due to the confidentiality it provides. In modern applications and more importantly, when it goes for security, encryption is a must. We enabled the encryption feature through our publicly available certificate to make sure for our customers that their data will stay secure and only on their hands during the transfer from their premises to our platform.


2019 was an important bookmark for Logstail.com. Technologies concerning observability and related to our services are emerging rapidly. Following this trend, we managed to integrate the most important of them.

2020 has already posed new challenges for our company and we are ready to face them in order to help our customers get the most value out of their data…

We will integrate new services such as full docker service monitoring, a new AI-powered analysis engine with extensive security capabilities will be very soon announced and many other cool features are coming…

With our continuous progress, we are able to provide cutting edge technology to our customers and 24/7 support of our services in order to give the best possible value out of their data! Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting trip!

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