Logstail.com is a complete Log Management platform. But what is Log Management? Log management is the general term for the procedure of generating, collecting, centralizing, parsing, transmitting, storing, archiving and disposing of the log data generated by the IT systems of a corporation. These types of software are used to handle all the logs generated and deal with them in any way that best suits the needs of an enterprise or organization. Log management is essential for system administrators but also to developers for debugging purposes.

This procedure is not simple. That’s why log management software is an effective tool for any company, for collecting, storing, archiving, analyzing, and disposing of sensitive data related to their business profile. Installing log management data software can go a long way in easing things for the administration, thereby making duties less stressful and comfortable. 

However, there are many benefits and features provided by online log management software, than merely recording and storing data. Let’s take a brief look at some of the key benefits attached to log management software and the reasons why they are being used by almost each and every organization.

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Critical from IT security point of view

Open source log analysis tools, when aptly selected and installed, can go a long way in protecting the organization’s systems by keeping their IT infrastructure safe and sound from the invaders. Most of the log management software comes with built-in features for removing accounts, blocking IP addresses of dubious nature, and even going to the extent of disconnecting from the network the system which displays signs of infection. Further, the log file can also offer assistance in providing important clues and facilitating solutions for resolving the detected issues. 

Improved performance of business activities

One of the major benefits of installing log management software is that it minimizes the production downtime, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the technology and the business processes as well. Also, many companies install log management software so as to meet certain compliance standards, related to monitoring and documenting events about their IT infrastructure. 


Digs deep into the root of the problem

By using sophisticated log management software, organizations can facilitate the process of finding the root of the problem, enabling them to analyze and solve the issues in an effective manner. This also helps in saving man-hours, which are cumbersome and tedious for the organizations when trying to figure out the actual cause of what has gone wrong. Log management software helps in browsing through the log files for spotting any kind of irregularities and thus reducing any downtime.

Timely notification

Log management software alerts the owners with timely notification in order to avoid things from getting out of hand. Thanks to these timely notifications, problems can be effectively managed and easily resolved. An effective log management tool can save valuable time and resources from indulging in guesswork on the possibilities related to the origins of the problems. 

Looking at the above-mentioned benefits, it is no surprise that, more and more organizations are opting for installing log management software tools, for the efficient running of their business.



Logstail.com facilitates the Log Management process with its advanced features, combined with the functionality of ELK Stack . Enterprises today produce a huge amount of valuable data related to log files. We give to you the value of your logs back. Sign-up for a free demo in order to realize the power of Logstail.com.

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