Last year was not an easy year due to many global difficulties, such as the pandemic. However, Logstail team has managed to adapt to new conditions and kept on the hard work and the continuous accomplishments. Due to the increasing security incidents, our team was always there helping our customers defend their business. It is of the utmost importance for us to keep them safe from intrusions and security issues. Cybersecurity is important for every company of any size and industry, but there are some that need to take more serious action than the rest.

Looking back in 2021, we are proud of the progress we made concerning the cyber security landscape and the challenges we had to face. Our platform has become more mature and useful to our users. New features were added according to our customers’ needs and additional functionalities supporting the digital transformation are on the way. Due to the increased remote work, our platform was even more capable of helping our customers respond faster and more efficiently to the increased security challenges.

New Year has just arrived and this is a good opportunity to highlight Logstail’s Cloud SIEM, built for scale, which was just launched.

Wondering what is the added value of using a Cloud SIEM in a few words?

Collect, correlate, and analyse your data, detect anomalies and respond to security threats in real-time.

Logstail SIEM is a management layer above a company’s existing monitoring systems and security controls. It provides a broad yet comprehensive way to view and analyze all data and activities from one single interface.

Logstail’s Cloud SIEM provides security analysts and operators with the ability to search and identify threats in real-time. Devoting time to search many security products or systems is definitely not the best practice. Except for the liability, it is important for companies to save human working hours by using one security product. Users now can directly and easily receive visual analytical reports regarding trends and anomalies, identify blocking points and create automatic incident  responses.

That way, security teams will be able to have a holistic overview of the organization’s Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems and applications. Logstail’s Cloud SIEM provides constant and efficient cloud monitoring of all devices, servers, applications, users and network infrastructure. This solution keeps you aware of security events, errors, policy violations, file integrity violations or unauthorized editing, attempted intrusions and the techniques that were used, system’s regulatory compliance with known policies such as PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, TSC, GDPR, HIPAA.

Security experts will be able to prevent attacks through automated identification of vulnerabilities within the system and applications, with the help of Logstail’s agents. It will be an easier way to discover which applications within the environment are affected by well-known vulnerabilities and act before they become a real issue.

Using Logstail’s Log Observability and Monitoring services, attack attempts and patterns can be tracked or researched in great detail.

Combined with the Insights service which provides anomaly detection using AI powered algorithms trained specifically  on the clients’ networks traffic, the system administrators endpoint will be transformed to a powerful state-of-the-art Security Operational Center (SoC).


2021 was a year full of hard work, improvements and accomplishments. Logstail team keeps expanding, trying its’ best to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

In turn, 2022 will be a bright new year full of new challenges and accomplishments! Our team is ready to progress and provide to our costumers even better services and solutions! In Logstail we are determined in continuous progress in order to give value to our customers’ data.

New things are coming up this year and we are really looking forward!

Our cloud-hosted solution with its advanced new features brings the functionality of centralized security monitoring to your hands. Convert data into actionable insights and maximize the performance of your infrastructure. Your teams will be alerted on-time in case of threats or security incidents. Be notified on time of potential problems and take the appropriate actions. Sign-up for a free demo in order to realize the power of Logstail!

Logstail will re-adjust the way you monitor your data and help you get more meaningful insights of your technical logs. Your team will use prebuilt actionable dashboards and powerful graphs, to stay alert for all possible dangers.

Logstail is offering the full range of services required to effectively mitigate cyber-attacks. Incident response and security consulting, penetration testing, and red team operations as well 24×7 continuous monitoring via its cloud platform, are altogether aiming to help our customers mitigate their cyber incidents. Contact us at to get a tailored offer for your business or get a free consultation by our team of globally recognized security experts!

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