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User Interface

Logstail.com User Interface

Our modern UI incorporates a handful of features to help users and their team for even more effective log management. The response is snappy, the graphical user interface is clear and users get all the information they need at a glance of an eye!

Users can track data (monthly and daily) and send it to the platform very easily in a comprehensive dashboard immediately when logging in to the platform!

In general, when logging in to the platform, users are presented with a general Overview, namely the Current plan status, and an option to upgrade current plan into another one. Also, users may copy their stack’s token if needed to be used in another tab.

Finally, in order to save time from searching, we have added the most popular helpful links, inviting for example users to join a stack, change the plan, add shippers and finally contacting our support team! Realistically, it can’t be easier than that!

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