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Generate Reports

Reporting is an essential element of any professional monitoring tool. We significantly enhanced our reporting feature and now we can offer new choices like the ability to create PNG, PDF, and CSV reports.

Create reports from Discovery, Visualize, or Dashboard!

From now on, you can quickly generate a report from the current view you are! The process is very easy.

  1. From the top bar, choose Reporting.
  2. For dashboards or visualizations, Download PDF or Download PNG. From the Discover page, choose Download CSV. Your report may take some time to be generated, and when the report is ready to download, you will get a notification.

Create reports using a definition

You can also create a schedule-based report, by choosing Create report definition. This option will pre-fill many of the fields for you based on the visualization, dashboard, or data you were viewing. The steps are the following:

  1. From the left navigation panel, choose Reporting.
  2. Choose Create.
  3. Under Report Settings, enter a name and optional description for your report.
  4. Choose the Report Source (i.e. the page from which the report is generated). You can generate reports from the Dashboard, Visualize, or Discover pages.
  5. Choose your dashboard, visualization, or saved search. Then choose a time range for the report.
  6. Choose an appropriate file format for the report.
  7. (Optional) Add a header or footer for the report. Headers and footers are only available for dashboard or visualization reports.
  8. Under Report trigger, choose either On-demand or Schedule. For scheduled reports, choose either Recurring or Cron based. You can receive reports daily or at some other time interval. Cron expressions give you even more flexibility. See Cron expression reference for more information.
  9. Finally, choose Create.
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