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A data visualization is a graphical representation of information or data. The human eye can understand far more easily a pattern or a trend when visual elements like charts, graphs, or maps are utilized. Data visualization tools are very important and useful when we are called to analyze massive amounts of information to take appropriate actions. We are exaggerating when we claim that a good visualization can tell a story, by removing any unnecessary noise from data and highlighting the useful information.

Logstail gives you the potential of converting your data into visualized objects and gain the full potential out of it.

Visualize is an essential feature of Logstail which enables you to create visualizations of the data from your data indices.

To View and Create Visualizations navigate to Analytics → Visualizations


Types of visualizations

Logstail supports several types of visualizations such as:

  • Line – emphasize in trends
  • Area – emphasize the quantity beneath a line chart
  • Bar charts (Horizontal or Vertical) – Assigns a continuous variable to each axis and compares different series in X/Y charts
  • Pie chart – Compare parts of a whole
  • Data table – Displays values in a table
  • Metric – Displays a calculation as a single number
  • Goal – A goal chart indicates how close you are to your final goal
  • Gauge – Gauge indicates the status of a metric. Use it to show how a metric’s value relates to reference threshold values
  • Tag cloud – A group of words, sized according to their importance
  • Heat map – Shade cells within a matrix
  • Markdown – Creates a document using markdown syntax
  • Region map – Show metrics on a thematic map. Use one of the provided base maps or add your own. Darker colors represent higher values
  • Timeline – Build time series using functional expressions
  • Visual Builder – Build time series using a visual pipeline interface
  • Control – Create interactive controls for easy dashboard manipulation
  • Vega – Create custom visualizations using Vega and Vega-Lite
  • Gantt Chart – Create a Gantt Chart to demonstrate the progress of a particular metric.


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