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Get Started

Getting started

  1. Open a terminal. (Make sure you have root/ admin privilages)
  2. Use python to execute the main.py file


      4. The script will auto-detect your operating system. Make sure the installation is correct!
  1. Select the component you want to install
  1. Select one of the available options
  • Install: Installs the selected collector to the system and enables it. To install a collector make sure you have copied your Logstail Client Token from https://apps.logstail.com/home/overview
  • Status: Prints the current status of the selected collector. If the status is OK or RUNNING you are good to go! Else check your confifuration. If you cant solve the issue contact Logstail Support!
  • Show modules: Prints all the available modules of a collector and their status (enabled, disabled). Only enabled and properly configured modules gather and ship logs and metrics to Logstail Platform.
  • Enable module: Use this option to enable a module on the selected collector. Make sure to use the above option first to view all the available modules! NOTE: Some module require extra configuration, follow our guides to properly configure them. https://apps.logstail.com/shippers After enabling a module make sure to Add the related dashboard from https://apps.logstail.com/apps2go and start analyzing your data. If the dashboard is empty make sure your configuration is correct! If you need help contact Logstail Support!
  • Disable module: Use this option to disable an already enabled module. After disabling a module you will no longer be able to view data related to this module on the platform.
  • Restart Collector: Use this option to restart the selected collector. We recommend running this option when you manually alter the configuration or when your data are not getting shipped to the Logstail Platform!
  • Uninstall: Use this option to uninstall the selected collector. After uninstalling a collector any data related to this collector will stop getting shipped to Logstail Platform.

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