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Receiving the Alerts via Email

Our alerting mechanism was already very useful for users and their teams. Following the earliest version of the platform, Logstail team thought that enabling them to monitor their data and send alert notifications automatically to initiate actions, would be very useful for the analysts.

This additional option, offers to users the possibility to be alerted by email.

By adding this option along with Slack and Webhook which are already in place, users have a wide range of choices to utilize and take advantage of the alerting mechanism!

To setup an email channel follow the steps:

  1. Navigate Alerts → Alerting Channels → Create Channel.
  2. Create Channel
  3. Enter a name for the Channel
  4. Select Email as Channel Type
  5. Select the Logstail SMTP sender
  6. Enter your email or create a group of emails
  7. Send a test message to test the channel

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