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Getting Started

Getting started


Before installing a collector you need to go to Settings tab and setup your Logstail Token and SIEM enterprise key.

You can find you token in the My Account tab after signing in to Logstail Platform.

To get access to SIEM you need to contact us and we will provide you with your Key.

Agent Settings

Click save and you are ready to go!

Install a Collector

After saving your token or SIEM key, return to dashboard and click install on the desired collector. After a few seconds the collector is ready to start collecting data!


Modules are the available sources from where collectors can gather data, logs and metrics.

Click on the modules button related to the collector you installed to view the available modules.

Agent modules

Here you can see the available modules along with their status (enabled, disabled).

Click on enable to enable a new module.

Note that some modules require further configuration if order for them to work properly. Go back to the dashboard, click on config and find the module you just enabled and review its settings.

For example, after enabling MySQL module in Metrics Collector we need to open the config and setup the MySQL credentials and host.

Important note!

The credentials you setup in the config file are not forwarded to Logstail Platform. They are only used inside your environment to collect the necessary data.

MySQL config

Remember to save the file, go back to dashboard and Start the collector.

Note that if you enable a new module you need to restart the collector to apply the changes.

To Restart the collector, simply Stop it and Start again.

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